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The Boulevard Montmartre Spring by Camille Pissaro, Modern Urban Wall Art, 11x14 2411

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UPC: 766377024116

THE BOULEVARD MONTMARTRE SPRING captures the budding of spring trees with a bustling boulevard in impressionist style. Print makes a wonderful addition to the office or living room.

IMPRESSIONS PRINT has warm colors or green and a subtle pink that will blend with many home decor schemes. The print will lend well to décor in a living room, home office or den.

UNIQUE WALL ART for hanging or tabletop display. Includes glass front sturdy back with easy to use wall hanger. The finished frame size is 13"x16" and holds an 11x14 print. Proudly made in the USA.


INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and CONNECT with people to show you care. This inspirational work of art will give everyone who sees it as an encouraging word for the day. Each frame is carefully packed and shipped to you or whomever you choose to ship it to.

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