Our Story

Crossroads has a strong meaning to us.  As newlyweds, we joined a group at The Chapel called the Honeymooners.   It was a group of about 20 couples, all newly married.   After several years we were all starting to have kids and we needed a new name which better reflected our stage in life.   We came up with Crossroads, as most of us were in transitions and decision which would shape our futures.  Little did we know how impactful that group would be.   For the next fifteen years, we laughed together, cried together, challenged and encouraged each other as we raised our families and lived life together.   It was a place of true community.   Our journey took us away from there to another church where both my wife and I served part time on staff for the next ten years. 

This brought us to another major crossroads in our lives.  After an unanticipated series of events, we found ourselves in need of replacing our part time income.   I met with a friend that fall, to catch up and he told me about doing a “shopping thing” for some side money.   I just mentioned it in passing to my wife and she got excited about it.  “I can shop; I’m really good at that.”  We are so thankful today for Ted and his willingness to teach us about his business. That began our journey selling online.  That fall we established Crossroads Corner Store and began acquiring products to sell on Amazon. 

Our next Crossroads came in the Summer of 2016 when we got noticed that one of our home décor wholesalers, Books of Love, was going out of business.  We had already been consistently selling their products so we decided to dive into a new adventure of manufacturing.  We purchased the assets of the company.  With the help of the owner of Books of Love, Aaron Bond, we were able to set up and start producing pictures frames in time for the 2016 Christmas season.   Crossroads Home Decor focuses on developing pictures that inspire, encourage and connect people together.


Eric and Susan Rymer