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Custom Canvas - Local Pickup

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How to order:

1. Choose the size you want your canvas to be and how you want the edges to look:

  • Mirrored image will take the outer border of the picture and mirror it around the edges of the canvas. 

  • Image Wrap will have the picture continuously flow around the edges of the canvas. This is the style that the stock photos show. This can make the images seem slightly zoomed in as some of the picture will be on the side, rather then the face of the canvas. The closer to square the picture is the less "zoomed in" the image will be. 

2. Upload your picture and make sure it is not a screenshot or Facebook picture. You will need the original file so it is large enough to print clearly. We will let you know if there are any problems with your file.

3. You can crop your picture according to the size that you choose. When finished editing, click done to see your photo. Click done and add to the cart. 

4. Add any other canvas or prints you want to order and continue to checkout. You will receive an invoice that has the local pickup information on it.

5. Check your email!  Canvas are usually ready for pick up in 1 business day.

Local Pickup in Norton is:

11AM Industries (Discount Food & Supply Store)

4409 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd.

Norton, OH 44203


1st Driveway South of the Railroad Tracks



To see what 11AM offers, check out their website:


Contact Crossroads at with any questions


Terms and Conditions: 

·        By using Crossroads Home Décor to print your canvas, you certify that you own copyright for the photo(s) or are authorized by the owner to make a photo-to-canvas reproduction.

·        Full ownership of all materials uploaded with Crossroads Home Décor remains with the user.  Crossroads Home Décor will not use any images uploaded to our site without the express written permission of the image owner.

·        Crossroads Home Décor reserves the right to refuse to print any objectionable or obscene materials.

·        Once printed, all custom print orders are non-refundable and non-returnable unless there are material defects.  Should issues arise, please contact within 14 days of receiving your order.


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