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Tank Crew, Army Veteran Gift, Military Framed Wall Decor, 10x10 8520

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  • A tank crew man sends a message to fliers by colored smoke hand grenades. They are Chemical Warfare Services contribution to military signaling. Prearranged smoke codes, by color or pattern, make known to fliers the needs of ground troops and tank crews: also identifies friendly tasks and command posts to aircraft. Edgewood Arsenol, MD. Military History.
  • Great gift for Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, or for any military personal.
  • Home decor picture frame for wall or tabletop display. Includes glass front and easel back with wall hanger.
  • With a finished frame size of 10" x 10" this frame holds an 8” x 8” print.
  • Made in the USA - Ships next business day using 1-3 day shipping to the USA.

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