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Specialized Plexiglas Nose of an Airplane, Army Veteran Gift, Historical Picture Frame, 10x10 8544

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  • Stars over Berlin and Tokyo will soon replace these factory lights reflected in the noses of America's fighting planes at Douglas Aircraft's Long Beach, CA, plant where weapons for the Nation's armed forces are rolling off the assembly lines in never-ending streams.  The picture shows an all-women crew giving the final polish to the Plexiglas windows of the plane noses in 1941.
  • Great gift for the history lover. Aviation history.
  • Home decor picture frame for wall or tabletop display. Includes glass front and easel back with wall hanger.
  • With a finished frame size of 10" x 10" this frame holds an 8” x 8” print.
  • Made in the USA - Ships next business day using 1-3 day shipping to the USA.

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