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American Flag Jumbo 21 Inch Tall Bottle Coin Bank for Adults USA Themed Kids Piggy Bank for Coins or Money

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UPC: 766377144463

SAVE THOSE EXTRA COINS for your rainy day fund! This 21-inch tall bank will hold it all. This piggy bank is not only for kids but perfect for the teenager or adult who is saving their spare change.

LARGE POP ON LID is plenty big enough for that handful of coins from your car or pocket as well and any paper money you want to save. Perfect gift for a teenager or college student.

THE AMERICAN USA THEMED bank is made up of clear durable plastic so you can see the money add up! This bank is easy to display as well as easy to empty and count the cash.

THE KIDS BANK will teach your child how to save as well as count pennies, nickles and quarters to add up the savings.

THE AMERICAN FLAG BANK is proudly made in the USA.

THIS 21" TALL USA FLAG BANK IS the best way to hold extra change. A kids piggy bank that is also totally acceptable for a savings bank gift for teenagers or adults. The removable lid fits coins as well as paper money. As you would expect, the American themed bank is proudly made in the USA.



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