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Ryans World Collection Value Pack Set Firetruck, Helicopter, Recycle truck

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Inspired by the hit YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, join Ryan and his cast of characters with these 6" vehicles and figures. This Value Pack offers 3 6" feature vehicles along with their accessories and a 2.5" articulated figures of Ryan, Combo Panda, and Gus the Gator.

Value 3pk of Ryan's World 6? Feature Vehicles  

  • Gus the Gator's Recycle Truck
  • Includes recycle bin with fully functioning clean-up arm
  • Back opens up with storage
  • Includes 2 street sweeper projectiles - launches from front
  • removable Gus figure with articulated arms and head
  • Combo Panda Helicopter 
  • Includes a retractable hook for rescue missions.
  • Includes 2 safety net projectiles - launches from the front.
  • Removable Combo Panda figure with articulated arms and head.
  • Ryan's Fire Engine
  • Includes an adjustable ladder that moves up, down, and around.
  • The adjustable ladder has a bucket - the figure can sit inside.
  • Includes 2 water projectiles - launches from the ladder.
  • Removable Ryan figure with articulated arms and head.

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