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Karina Garcia Craft City Make Your Own Slime Kit

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Your child will have a slime-tastic time playing with the ready-made clear slime kit! No need to wait for the slime to clear - it's ready to be stretched, pulled and squeezed. This kit includes colorful pigment add-ins and fruit fimo beads. Enjoy making original colored slimes or use the clear slime for other add-ins you might want to add!

  • BORAX FREE. NON-TOXIC. SAFE TO USE: Many slime kits contains contain borax in the activator used to make the slime. Ours does not! Make your own borax free, non-toxic slime. Kid-friendly and totally safe - the perfect kids craft kit or kids gift!
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT INCLUDES: A mixing cup, clear glue, color dropped, color drop powder, a mixing stick and cup, slime activator and bubble wrap. Everything you need to make your own, unique slime is in this art kit!
  • AS SEEN ON KARINA GARCIA’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Karina Garcia, aka “The Slime Queen” is the founder of Craft City and the creator of the DIY Craft City Slime Kit. She is a YouTube sensation that loves to share DIY videos and review slime products!
  • ADD-IN FLAIR: With Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime Kit, you can make different colored slime or clear slime with color droppers and color drop powder! The clear DIY kit for slime is the perfect base for any slime your kids can imagine!
  • FOR CHILDREN AGES 8+: The perfect craft for any occasion! Whether it’s a rainy day, the kids have a playdate or they finished their homework early, DIY slime provides all the fun! Boys and girls love the DIY slime kit because you can make it your own. An all-day activity that can be used time and again.

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