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18 Ruler and Printers Line Gauge - inches, Picas, Elite, Agate, and 8 Point Markings with Proofreading Marks Guide

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Ruler with proofreading and font editing markings great for professionals in the print industry. Also fantastic for children and students first learning to edit and proofread their writing. Gives a convenient and easy to use guide to editing shorthand to make correcting papers simple. Strong and durable. Comes in plastic sleeve for protection during travel.
  • Durable metal, semi-flexible 18” ruler
  • Measures inches with 1/16” markings
  • Measures for font sizing including picas, elite, agate and 8 point, as well as a guide for standard
  • Gives a guide to proofreaders marks great for revising and editing papers
  • Useful to individuals in the print industry, especially editors and writers and is great for students as a ruler and editing assistant for classwork and papers
  • Ships next business day using 1-3 day shipping to the USA. 

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